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This post is to answer a question sent by email through the forum.  I have done a few Mac apps for trading with IB –  just the basic functions but not anything like BT.  I’m concentrating on rolling out a new version of BT coded from the ground up which will tackle the remaining issues (partial fills, scales).  So, at the moment, no Mac version yet.

PS: If you send an email through the forum, please leave a return email.  David, I hope you find your way here for your answer. And, I might need beta testers for the new version soon.

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  1. Jason Catimbang says:

    Hey larry,

    A mac version of Bracket-trader would be so very useful here.. Using Lion with TWS booktrader v908.6 (they messed up the order presets function since) Works ok except that the trade confirm window pops up. Really annoying and disrupts things.

    If you could please make a Mac version with the DOM it would be much appreciated.


  2. Sal says:

    Hi Larry,

    I’m with Jason, I want to support his petition and hope you change your mind and release a Mac version in a near future.
    I was a bracket trader trial user couple years ago and works great, but then I switched to Mac, and now actually I’m not in the mod for remain with another Window PC, neither a virtual machine (sorry but my olds windows based PCs issues are longer behind me).

    Anyway, as I said, if you change your mind and release a Mac version you can count on me as a future customer.

    Thanks for your work, sorry my English, and cheers from Spain.

  3. ScalpGuy says:

    What is the status of this new version ?

    • larrysy says:

      As mentioned in the initial post, I’m still concentrating on the new BT version (Windows based).

      • Scalpguy says:

        Yes I was asking about this Windows based BT version.

        What is the status of it. Any plans when you’re goint to release it?

        Or is there somewhere in the site more information available what I do not know?

  4. Bob says:

    Hi Larry,

    BT looks very interesting and I would love to try/test/beta a native Mac version when available. Do you have a time frame for it…2015? Thanks


  5. Reiner says:

    Hi Larry,
    BT looks promising for my trading ideas. I was wondering whether you had the time to build a native Mac version.

    Best regards from Germany

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