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Ensign has updated their powerful charting software to Ensign 10 (E10).   With E10, the old BT link files won’t work anymore.  However, an entirely new set of link files + a new BT release is now available which will work with E10 playback.  The new link is much faster and will stream almost all ticks from the playback.

Here are the instructions on how to setup the E10 playback –
1.  download the 2012r01 release of BT and the
2.  place the file in the  c:\Ensign10 folder and unzip – it will automatically unzip to the ESPL folder
3.  run BT and select “ENSIGN 10 Playback” as your Data Source
4.  setup E10 playback
5.  click the ESPL button  when the chart is running
6. you can close the ESPL window when data is already streaming to BT

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15 Responses to BT link to Ensign 10

  1. Sia Gbollie says:

    I wish it would work for me, but I am getting a bracket Trader error:

    Error 339(Component ‘mswinsck.ocx’ or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid) in procedure mmuESIGN_Click of Form frmMain

    What I did:

    1. downloaded 2012r01 and ESPL.ZIP

    2. ran the 201r01.exe

    3. unzipped the ESPL.ZIP TO c:\Ensign10\ESPL

    4. Started EnSign10 and Selected Main–>System–>ESPL & DYN

    5. Clicked the Enable Autorun for C:\Ensign10\ESPL\BTLinker

    (want the BTlinker to run when I start Ensign10)

    6. run BT and select “ENSIGN 10 Playback” as your Data Source
    7. setup E10 playback
    8. click the ESPL button when the chart is running
    9. you can close the ESPL window when data is already streaming to BT

    Error about when I select ENSIGN PLAYBACK on Bracket Trader

    will google to see if I am missing mswinsck.ocx in my Windows System.

    • larrysy says:

      Redownload the BT installer if you are getting this problem – I have added the missing mswinsck.ocx in the installer.

  2. Sia Gbollie says:

    I downloaded and installed the mswinsck.ocx to my system32 directory. No errors from Bracket Trader, but still not working. A window from Braket Trader pops up displaying (Waiting for connection from Ensign 10…)

    Tried reloading and clicking ESPL…

  3. Sia Gbollie says:


    Thanks for your time! Love Bracket Trader!

  4. David Abel says:

    Ensign Windows (EW) and Ensign 10 (E10) are two different programs, so much so that Ensign cannot auto convert EW templates to E10. I have had both versions for a year but have, so far, been unable to convert one of my 100 plus complex EW templates to the far more complex E10.

    Since Ensign has said it will continue to support EW, (in fact yet supports its DOS version) would you consider putting back in playback, ‘Data Source’ a second line for ‘Ensign Windows’ as well as the line for ‘Ensign 10’? As far as I know the old BTLinker gadgets I have still work in EW.

    Thanks for considering, Larry.

    • larrysy says:

      I’ll add back the module for the old Ensign in the next release.

      • Stan Briggs says:


        If I understand the above posts, this is why I cannot get BTLink to work with Ensign Windows. Is this fix still in the works, or has it been addressed? Thanks

        • larrysy says:

          Have you tried the “ENSIGN Previous” option?

          Ensign Previous

          • Stan Briggs says:

            I do not have that option on my bracket trader. I have these options: IB Live, eSignal Live, feature tester, eSignal PLAYBACK, ENSIGN 10 Playback, and Custom Source.

            I am using Ver 2012r05 API 965.

  5. Stan Briggs says:


    I found the earlier version of BT that will allow playback with Ensign Windows (2011r10) so I am able to use playback.

  6. Stan Briggs says:

    Unfortunately, I am not able to use BT with Ensign Windows playback.

    I have downloaded and installed Ver 2012r06 API 965; Ensign Windows is in the C drive; I do have a link.txt file in the Ensign/news folder, and I have followed instructions to download BT link files and put in ESPL file following these instructions, and I get the error of “Start Ensign Playback with BT Link first”. Is there something that I am not doing right? Thanks in advance.

  7. Stan Briggs says:

    Added comment: If BT Link study is supposed to show up on the chart, I don’t see it.

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