About canceling an order when it is about to be filled..

This is from one of the posts in the following thread – “It’s not a “good practice” to cancel a limit order very close to the fill price, which could cause all kinds of unexpected behaviors …”


This occurs even when the bracket exits are sent out at the same time as the entry order.

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4 Responses to About canceling an order when it is about to be filled..

  1. larrysy says:

    One other suggestion is to set the “Warn on exit with position” option in TWS – Configure – Configuration – Lock and Exit

  2. Ed says:

    hi Larry,

    does your program also allow to trade on a Financial Advisor Account at IB? Meaning that for instance if I have 4 accounts under the umbrella of a FA account i can for instance buy 4 futures ES and that it will be distributed amongst all 4 sub accounts, 1 future each? The IB API allow for certain types of trades on a FA account. is it possible to specify this within BT?


    • larrysy says:

      Yes, BT will automatically distribute your contracts amongst the subaccounts if you choose the main account, or you can select a subaccount to trade only that subaccount. If you connect to an FA account, you will see an additional entry to the right of Help in BT’s menu bar.


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