Reset to Default Symbols to get data using new symbol format

The latest API requires the currency information to be able to process the symbols. Previous versions of BT just leave out the currency information. With the new API, if the currency information is blank, it defaults automatically to USD, which causes problems with European and Asian exchanges. The latest version of BT (2013r13 and up) contains modifications to the symbol format sent to IB. You still have to update manually by clicking Reset to Default Symbols in the Tools menu to use the new format.

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4 Responses to Reset to Default Symbols to get data using new symbol format

  1. Alexy says:

    I am registered user and in last version I can add only few symbols.
    Can you publish correct format? I have problem with ZC,LE,ZS,ZW…

  2. larrysy says:

    Here are the instructions –

    With the new format, just add the currency – default is USD.

  3. Daris Raveedranathan says:

    Hi Larry,

    I upgraded to the latest version and subsequently I can’t use the symbol that are for registered users. I am a registered user but I cant remember my license key.

    Please assist

    Thank you

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