Bracket Trader has stopped working…

If you encounter this message while running BT, it could be one of 2 problems. The first one is the DEP problem – discussed here – so I won’t discuss it anymore.

The second problem is the presence of old API versions and components lingering in your system. IB made several upgrades to their API and when you install a new one, the old versions are left behind. When an updated BT runs, it will still connect to the old components. BT does not package it’s own API (like some other programs) but depends on the original API’s from IB. The way to solve this is to uninstall the API through the Control Panel. The program should be labelled TWS_API. You can also check your C:\ folder to see if there is something like an IB_API_968 folder. If there is, go inside the folder and click unwise.exe to uninstall the program. You might also uninstall the Visual C++ 2005 redistributable through the Control Panel. When you install back the programs – get them from the BT download site – then install the programs in sequence.

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  1. Rolf says:

    Hi Larry
    I have updated the bracket-trader and ib tws. then i did the reset to
    default symbols. but now i cannot connect the new zealand dollar future
    NZD 6N 201406. Are there new symbols or exchanges? For example, the british pound future GBP 6B 201406 which is a bracket-trader standart symbol works fine. thank you for your support.

  2. larrysy says:

    The point value is the multiplier which you can get by right-clicking the symbol in TWS, then selecting Contract Info.

  3. Bernie says:

    Larry i am trying to install tws on my computer W7 and i get an error message .saying that the api is regestered properly and it says to install c++2005 i checked with the installed propgrams and both java and 2005 are installed what could be the problem do you have a live chat or a tel # that i could call Thanks

  4. Bernie says:

    Larry I meant bracket trader not tws that works

  5. larrysy says:

    You can reach me directly by clicking Email Author in the Help menu of BT.

  6. Stano Ferko says:

    Hi Larry,
    I have paid version of BT. Today I have installed new version of TWS 963.2c, new API – 9.71 and new version of BT 2017r01.
    My BT stoped working and after start still shows me: An Error was Occured While Ininitializing. Error Number: 372. Error Description: Failed to load control Tws from Tws.ocx. Your version of Tws.ocx may be outdated. …….
    And TWS after start still shows me: The dde.dll.dll file required for Excel integration is either missing or out of date. ……. and send me to thier web side to install new API what I have done.
    I do not know what shall I do with BT and TWS.
    Best regards, Stano

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