Orders not being transmitted.

When you are installing TWS, you will be asked if you want to bypass the precautions for orders. You should answer yes. If you answered no, your orders will not be transmitted.

You can still fix this by going to the Configure menu in TWS, click API, click Precautions, then check everything.

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  1. jim kelley says:

    Not specifically related.
    Having a problem with installing API 9.70 to interface with Bracket Trader.
    I had to install Build 936.9q TWS, since the older TWS was discontinued.
    I get this message: “The directory structure has changed. This version of the TWS API cannot be installed over a previous version.”
    Tried installing in different folder, same message. Tried a new folder,
    same message.
    Tried TWS latest 9443, same problem.
    Bracket Trader will not work without API 9.70
    I’m not a registered user, yet, but would like to get it working.

  2. larrysy says:

    Did you try the suggestions here? http://www.bracket-trader.com/blog/?p=284

    • jim kelley says:

      Actually, I had already removed the previous version and double checked and could not find any trace of it.
      Yet the computer seems to think it’s still there.
      Will keep looking.

  3. adalberto v says:

    hi Larrysy I have been using BT for many years since the early 2000 it connects to IB without any problem , am running ver 2017r10 API 971 and have click everything on the IB Precautions API setting , but orders not being transmitted to IB when going long or short , help please , thanks

  4. Ron Heflin says:

    Bracket Trader is now broken that IB has updated the exchanges in their software. ES, MES and others no longer pull data from IB into the DOM.

    I tried deleting ES and re-entering the symbol and typing CME into the exchange field for these instruments but that did not fix the problem. YM works just fine because IB has not changed that exchange yet.

    Can you fix this in Bracket Trader? Are you even still supporting Bracket Trader

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