How to enter the symbol for CL

The procedure is the same as described in the original HowTo article –



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  1. Vinod says:

    Larry i want do simple stocks trading …enter 600 shares and take 300 (50%) off say after 30c and the rest flatten it when I see movement is slowing etc… How can I set this up in BT…or can you point me where this has been discussed in the past.
    I pay for the BT and hope you can supply this info.


    • larrysy says:

      There is a help file included with BT. Click F1 when BT is running and it will show up. Or, you can look for it in the BT folder.

      Enter 600 in the # Shares box, 0.30 in T1, 2-step for Exit Mode, uncheck Target on Runner in the Trade Settings menu, enter your trade, and click Close All if you want to close your position.

      Make sure you test first in Sim mode.

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