Release 2022r02

– fixed “not supported” issue causing orders not to be sent when using updated version of TWS

– if you have not updated to 2022r01 before, click Tools, Reset to Deafult Symbols to update to the new IB exchanges

– if you are getting the “…can’t be downloaded securely message” when downloading the installer, you have to go through the following steps
1. use Microsoft Edge,
2. click the “…” to the right of the filename,
3. select “Keep”,
4. “Keep Anyway”,
5. select the “…” again,
6. select “Keep”,
7. click “Show more”,
8. “Keep anyway”.
9. You can now click “Open file” to run the installer
10. Next pop-up is “Windows pretected your PC…” – click “More info”
11. Click “Run Anyway” – you may have to slide to the right side of the window to see the option

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9 Responses to Release 2022r02

  1. Lee Gursky says:

    Hi Larry, I’ve done the installation steps as you advised. BT runs and the quotes come in as well. The problem is, BT will not send out OR TWS will not receive the orders, I don’t know if BT is not sending orders out or if TWS is not accepting them. Please help, I’ve been a member of BT for many years.

    • larrysy says:

      Hi Lee,

      Check the twserror file in your BT folder and let me know what error messages are there.



      • Lee Gursky says:

        11/29/2022 7:52:20.248 AM: Connected to IB: TWS server version 76 at 20221129 07:52:19 MST
        11/29/2022 7:52:20.623 AM: 2104 Market data farm connection is OK:usfarm.nj
        11/29/2022 7:52:20.626 AM: 2104 Market data farm connection is OK:usfuture
        11/29/2022 7:52:20.628 AM: 2104 Market data farm connection is OK:cafarm
        11/29/2022 7:52:20.630 AM: 2104 Market data farm connection is OK:cashfarm
        11/29/2022 7:52:20.634 AM: 2104 Market data farm connection is OK:usopt
        11/29/2022 7:52:20.637 AM: 2104 Market data farm connection is OK:usfarm
        11/29/2022 7:52:20.640 AM: 2106 HMDS data farm connection is OK:ushmds.nj
        11/29/2022 7:52:20.642 AM: 2106 HMDS data farm connection is OK:ushmds
        11/29/2022 7:52:20.645 AM: 2158 Sec-def data farm connection is OK:secdefil
        11/29/2022 7:52:28.526 AM: 10268 The ‘EtradeOnly’ order attribute is not supported.
        11/29/2022 7:52:30.736 AM: 10147 OrderId 20840 that needs to be cancelled is not found.

        Hi Larry, above are error messages as requested. Thanks, Lee

  2. Lee says:

    Hi Larry, I’ve entered the correct key and it has been accepted but I am not able to Mute the Alerts. I have it checked but they will not mute.
    Please advise.

  3. Lee says:

    Thanks Larry!

  4. Lou says:

    Hi Larry, been using registered BT for years, took some time off now BT will not run on Windows 10 PC. From fresh install, help file loads but BT does not launch.
    Any ideas?
    Thank you,

    • larrysy says:

      Try turning off Windows Firewall.

      1. Start Windows in Safe Mode
      2. Press Window + S to enter Windows Firewall and select Windows Firewall from there.
      3. In the left pane, click Turn Windows Firewall on or off, select Turn off Windows Firewall
      4. Try running Bracket Trader. If it runs, turn Windows Firewall back on.

  5. lee says:

    Hi Larry, for some reason the DOM will not populate, the main page is good, prices coming in fine. Ive tried a Uninstall/re-install but it didnt help.

    Please advise

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