HowTo: Adding a new symbol

To add a new symbol, you need to know 4 items – symbol, exchange, tick increment and point value.

First add the symbol first in TWS (example using SI)
1.  the Underlying is the symbol – symbol is SI
2. exchange – exchange is NYMEX
3. look at the bid(29.715), ask(29.735) and last(29.660) prices – the best guess is that the price changes 0.005 per movement –  tick increment is 0.005
4. right click the symbol in TWS,select Contract Info, then Description – in the pop-up window, look for the Multiplier (this is the value per whole point) – multiplier is the point value – point value is 5000

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21 Responses to HowTo: Adding a new symbol

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great Larry,

    Thank you very much, it was a bit confusing for me with this SI (silver) contract 😉


  2. larrysy says:

    YG parameters –
    Point value = 33.2
    Tick increment – 0.1

  3. larrysy says:

    M6E parameters –
    Point value = 12500
    Tick increment – 0.0001

  4. Neerings says:

    Ik word regelmatich niet gehit of uitgestop met een stoplos
    Bracket trader aan gekopppeld met Today,s broken misschien niet de juiste instellingen wie kan mij helpen werkt met een DOM IB

    • larrysy says:

      I’m not sure what you mean but it seems that your target and stop is not being hit. Make sure that you see your target and stop orders in TWS. If your orders are in TWS and it is not hit, you have to ask IB about it since it is IB which processes your order.

  5. Taqi Hasan says:

    Hi Larry,

    I use interactive brokers for trading, I am interested to use automated trading tools to build automated trading strategies to trade futures and stocks,

    would you like to team up with me, I am not much tech savy , we can work out the details if you are interested, I also want to know how you would like to be compensated

    Look forward for your reply

    Taqi Hasan

    • larrysy says:

      Thanks for your offer but I’m probably not the right person for the job.

      For an “automated trading system”, you need the following functions –

      1. data source and a program to collect and store the data
      – you may use IB feed but the data may not be good enough
      – you might get different signals if the data is not complete

      2. program to process the data, create and backtest your strategy
      – depends on your charting program
      – TS2000i with EasyLanguage has been around for a long time
      – Expert Advisor with MT4 if you are trading forex
      – this is probably the area you need

      3. program to translate and send your signals to your broker
      – this is the job of BT
      – the important thing is to get the signal format right – I can help you with this

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  7. larrysy says:

    No thanks, I’ll just rely on my translator –

  8. P van Leeuwen says:

    Ik heb een abonnement op Bracket Trader en wil weten wanneer deze afloopt??

    Vriendelijke groet,

  9. russ says:

    Can you trade CL with bracket trader ?

  10. Michael says:

    Hi Larry,

    I’ve entered the info for SI exactly as you explained (and updated the expiry to 201312) but still can’t get quotes in bracket trader. Other NYMEX contracts like GC, CL work fine. Any advice? Thank you.

  11. Chris says:

    ES symbol no longer works.
    ES I can not delete to enter it again.
    Who has a solution?

  12. Vinod says:

    I bought the license key and tried to paste it. It wont allow it so I had to type in the long key accepted it. When I open the BT does not allow me to change symbol or anything just the std symbols I had used before ..I should be able to enter the symbols ..but it does not allow me to type new symbols ..:( I have the latest API and the latest BT I just downloaded) I have 2 older ver of BT ..once the key is accpted on 1 BT it valid on other BT running or I have to type in for each BT running …

    • larrysy says:

      If BT accepted the long key, then you should be registered and able to add new symbols.

      BT will NOT run with the latest API from IB, only with the version from the BT download site.

      You can email me directly by clicking Help in BT, then Email Author.

  13. Masud says:

    How can I add the symbol mini Dax future?
    I have tried it for many hours to fugure out 🙁

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