Warning / Disclaimer

Read this full warning / disclaimer before using the ATS function in Bracket Trader!

The aim of this feature is NOT to provide a completely automatic trading solution that will allow you to go out while your computer is trading for you. Be aware of the following problems that can happen and that Bracket Trader can’t prevent:


  • * Your ISP can disconnect
    * TWS can disconnect
    * TWS specific market access can go down for a while
    * The exchange can go down for a while
    * Your PC can crash
    * Your charting program can crash or stop collecting data,
    * Power can be cut in your building (problem is solved by buying a UPS)
    * You might receive erroneous tick data from your data provider, which might trigger false signals


You should be aware of all the problems that can happen when you decide to let your computer trade for yourself. By using the ATS function in BT, you acknowledge having read this disclaimer / warning and accept full responsibility for your actions and absolve the author of any liability whatsoever.












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