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Note: Use Microsoft Edge to download Bracket Trader(click "..." -> "Keep" -> "Keep Anyway")



Note: If you just upgraded to version 2013r13 or later,


- you need to upgrade your API to to API ver 9.71



- you need to run Reset to Default Symbols in the Tools menu to use the new symbol format


Changes in Version 2023r12

- fixed decimal places for DAX - after updating, run Reset to Default Symbols in the Tools menu to use the new exchanges

Changes in Version 2023r11

- updated exchange for DAX and other symbols - cleaned up unused or outdated symbols in default list - after updating, run Reset to Default Symbols in the Tools menu to use the new exchanges

Changes in Version 2022r02

- fixed "not supported" issue when using updated TWS

Changes in Version 2022r01

- updated exchanges to CME and CBOT - after updating, run Reset to Default Symbols in the Tools menu to use the new exchanges

Changes in Version 2017r10

- fixed TN price format error

Changes in Version 2017r07

- updated TN to use the correct fraction format when showing prices


Changes in Version 2017r01

- updated TF parameters
- updated website links

Changes in Version 2016r01

- added option for hidden orders

- changed DOM last price color for more contrast

- fixed DOM quick entry bug during simulation


Changes in Version 2015r02

- added support for linked accounts trading


Changes in Version 2015r01

- updated API to 9.71

- updated exchange for Z to ICEEU


Changes in Version 2014r01

- added a work around to show correct P and L for Z (LIFFE)


Changes in Version 2013r15

- updated Z (LIFFE) to the new IB format (click Reset to Default Symbols after updating if you want to update Z)


Changes in Version 2013r14

- fixed account number not being sent out for FFA acoounts


Changes in Version 2013r13

- you need to upgrade your API to to API ver 9.70

- account number added to orders for users with one login to 2 separate accounts (for example, one regular account and one IRA account)

- fixed the Tws1PlaceOrderError 10000 which occurs with the latest TWS (Build 941.2b Oct 23, 2013) - this is due to the constraints in TWS which you now have to turn off manually

- added mini contracts for EOE and CAC40 (click Reset to Default Symbols in the Tools menu)

Changes in Version 2013r12

- added a workaround for the symbol SI to be able to receive data from IB


Changes in Version 2013r11

- added a workaround for the symbol EOE to be able to receive data from IB


Changes in Version 2013r10

- bugfix: removed account number included in orders sent as orders are being rejected for individual accounts


Changes in Version 2013r09

- added a position sizer tool (under the Tools menu)

- added account number to orders sent (for combined accounts)


Changes in Version 2013r08

- fixed inability to trade more than 1 exit when trading 10 shares of CFD's


Changes in Version 2013r07

- added option to change sound alert for maximum daily loss and profit
- fixed CFD data problem for IBDE30, IBEU50 and BNP


Changes in Version 2013r06

- fixed "live" commissions from IB showing incorrectly with multiple scales


Changes in Version 2013r05

- fixed problem with getting stock prices
- fixed DOM still appearing even when set to not show


Changes in Version 2013r04

- changed alert sound for maximum daily profits reached


Changes in Version 2013r03

- fixed the "Trigger Method for Stop Orders" option not having a default choice with new installations


Changes in Version 2013r02

- fixed last price discrepancy for slow moving symbols


Changes in Version 2013r01

- added ability to trade CFD's

- added a new version of ATS which includes the "REVERSE" keyword

- added fallback to hard coded commissions if unable to retrieve "live" commissions (Note: To get live commissions, you need the 9.67 API and the latest TWS.)


Changes in Version 2012r12

- fixed error 13 occurring in some systems when checking for the API version

- changed icon


Changes in Version 2012r11

- fixed missing commissions when trading in simulation mode using IB data


Changes in Version 2012r10
- requires update to API version 9.67 and above

- automatically detects correct commissions
- added time stop options, move to BE if positive, cancel SAR if stopped
- added trailing to Stop Entry using Bid/Ask option
- improved code for FFA


Changes in Version 2012r09
added ability to turn off/on the profit/loss colors in the DOM (in the Preferences menu)


Changes in Version 2012r08
added more options for stop and reverse


Changes in Version 2012r07
fixed stop and reverse bug

Changes in Version 2012r06

- added back Ensign Playback for versions prior to E10
- increased underticks option for Buy at Bid/Sell at Ask
- added option to select number of market depth levels for summation


Changes in Version 2012r05 (critical update)
- handles TWS versions 924.3a bug causing "Error 5"

- fixed dynamic price color option not being saved


Changes in Version 2012r04

- critical update for handling TWS bug sending FFA code for non-FFA accounts in versions 924.3a (April 4, 2012) and later
- updated FFA code


Changes in Version 2012r03

- added "Dynamic Price Color" option (under Preferences menu) to turn off color changes in the price boxes
- updated price format for UB to 1/32 fractions


Changes in Version 2012r02

- added TCP method for receiving ATS signals
- added a "no stop" option (in simulated stop/bid-ask)
- modified SAR to set next target to the default stop amount
- minor bug fixes


Changes in Version 2012r01

- updated Ensign Playback link to E10 version

(download the ESPL.zip file - setup instructions for the E10 playback here)


Changes in Version 2011r10 (get this version here - if you are using the old Ensign Playback method)

- added ability to send orders simutaneously to 2 subaccounts in managed accounts

- added milliseconds to log file timestamp

- changed the maximum loss warning option to "Daily profit/loss Alert..." with more features


Changes in Version 2011r09
- bugfix: commissions not calculated in some situations


Changes in Version 2011r08
- changed the size of the main window panels

- added a maximum loss warning option (under the Preferences menu)

- added a filter for duplicate fill messages from TWS


Changes in Version 2011r07
- maintenance release: updated forex minimums, Kospi commission

- affects: forex traders, Kospi traders


Changes in Version 2011r06
- maintenance release: expanded range for BE Offset, BETrigger and TrailTrigger


Changes in Version 2011r05
- maintenance release: revised OCO code


Changes in Version 2011r04
- added stop and reverse function in the entry page so you can set the SAR before the initial fill


Changes in Version 2011r03
- maintenance release


Changes in Version 2011r02
- fixed DOM resize error


Changes in Version 2011r01
- added last price box in DOM

- added option to show statistics window when in DOM


Changes in Version 07.0130a94
- mirrored error correction buttons (for partial fill/extra contracts) in DOM


Changes in Version 07.0130a93
- updated commission for M6E

- added option to toggle program exit confirmation (Preferences menu)

- update NYMEX market depth to 10 rows

- localized add 1/ close 1 setting


Changes in Version 07.0130a92
- save last used sub-account for FFA's


Changes in Version 07.0130a91
- added a Time Entry button for breakout or fade entries at a specific time


Changes in Version 07.0130a90
- updated commisions for TF

- added BID and ASK to ATS parameters


Changes in Version 07.0130a89
- adjusted DOM to show odd number of boxes (last price in center)

- fixed DOM size reverting back error


Changes in Version 07.0130a88
- adjusted DOM to show full boxes (no splits at top or bottom)


Changes in Version 07.0130a87
- fixed connection problem with the latest TWS (Build 907.7, Aug 2, 2010)


Changes in Version 07.0130a86
- fixed active limit order not cancelled error when right clicking the LONG or SHORT button for a quick entry

- switched to API 9.64


Changes in Version 07.0130a85
- updated commissions for TF
- added a workaround for TWS bug preventing market close of positions for TF
- modified family and friends account code
- changed DOM symbol buttons to be copy-specific


Changes in Version 07.0130a84
- updated commissions

Changes in Version 07.0130a83
- modified error handling when using ATS

Changes in Version 07.0130a82
- updated commissions for forex

Changes in Version 07.0130a81
- removed pop-up message for partial fills
- fixed 0 fill price error

Changes in Version 07.0130a80
- group strategy for stocks
- improved OCO code

Changes in Version 07.0130a79
- improved FFA code
- automatic handling of partial fills (defaults to cancelling unfilled contracts)

Changes in Version 07.0130a78
- modified OCO code for FFA accounts

Changes in Version 07.0130a77
- option to reset to generic IP of
- minor code changes to handle errors if comma is used as decimal symbol (European systems)

Changes in Version 07.0130a76
- automatic detection of local IP address for connection to TWS in the same computer (needed for TWS in Netherands, etc.)

Changes in Version 07.0130a75
- modified Reset and OCO code

Changes in Version 07.0130a74
- modified Close All to use market close

Changes in Version 07.0130a73
- updated ZB format to 1/32's

Changes in Version 07.0130a72
- added warning when TWS sends back a fill report with wrong client ID
- fixed delayed stop not stopping out at monitored stop price

Changes in Version 07.0130a71
- fixed trailing mismatch error when trading ZB, ZN, ZF

Changes in Version 07.0130a70
- market depth for forex modified to hide last 3 zeros (divided by 1000)

Changes in Version 07.0130a69
- fixed error when installing for the first time

Changes in Version 07.0130a68
- added user adjustable ATS signal checking interval (added in the pop-up window when you select the ATS mode)

Changes in Version 07.0130a67
- improved speed when switching CASH symbols

Changes in Version 07.0130a66
- fixed overflow error when switching some symbols
- fixed rounding error when sending out orders with some symbols

Changes in Version 07.0130a65
- modified simulation LMT fill to consider bid/ask prices
- market depth of 10 modified to include only ES and ECBOT symbols

Changes in Version 07.0130a64
- fixed STPLMT fill errors with simulator

Changes in Version 07.0130a63
- increased ES market depth to 10 levels

Changes in Version 07.0130a62
- added support for CFD (contract for difference)

Changes in Version 07.0130a61
- fixed delay when switchng symbols

Changes in Version 07.0130a60
- added new forex pairs for eSignal data
- fixed DOM recenter error

Changes in Version 07.0130a59
- fixed delay when switching symbols

Changes in Version 07.0130a58
- minor bug fixes

Changes in Version 07.0130a57
- minor bug fixes

Changes in Version 07.0130a56
- updated API to 9.60

Changes in Version 07.0130a55
- fixed scale in error when IB rejects the order

Changes in Version 07.0130a53
- fixed p/l format error for JPY in log file
- updated minimum order for GBP and CAD
- changed format for custom playback to "time,bid,ask,last "

Changes in Version 07.0130a52
- added option to set log files path
- fixed Day/GTC setting bug
- modified DOM "on top" code

Changes in Version 07.0130a51
- fixed DOM scale-in "shadowing" when scrolling back from outside range
- added a price trigger for automatic timestop
- fixed problem with stock symbols traded on "SMART"

Changes in Version 07.0130a50
- fixed mid-point option check error

Changes in Version 07.0130a49
- added midpoint to the stop order options
- fixed GUI errors in Vista
- fixed ZB, ZC, ZS errors

Changes in Version 07.0130a48
- fixed DOM not showing market depth on start-up

Changes in Version 07.0130a47
- fixed RUT data feed

Changes in Version 07.0130a46
- added SPI for eSignal
- added warning for opposite fills from IB (reported by some users)
- added orders log

Changes in Version 07.0130a45
- added total buy size/sell size in volume tracker
- fixed error when connecting to FFA account
- modified account number in DOM code

Changes in Version 07.0130a44
- modified scale in and scale out code
- handles message flood (resulting in out of stack error) from TWS

Changes in Version 07.0130a43
- removed the included API files
- works with both API 9.40 and 9.41 if the files are registered correctly

Changes in Version 07.0130a41
- handled errors introduced in the a40 release

Changes in Version 07.0130a40
- improved Volume Tracker
- option to turn rth on and off (under Trade Settings menu)

Changes in Version 07.0130a39
- updated ZF to new tick increment (2.5/320)
- added eSignal handling of TSE stock symbols
- added ability to use number of contracts set in BT for ATS signals (by setting the number of contracts in the ATS signal to 0)

Changes in Version 07.0130a38
- updated ZB to new tick increment (5/320)

Changes in Version 07.0130a36
- updated rth code
- added ability to add user-defined Trade Logger comments

To modify the entries for the Trade Logger, go to the Trade Logger subfolder in the BT folder, modify the entries for each text file with any text editor.

Changes in Version 07.0130a35
- fixed OCA error
- modified Sierra-BT ATS code

Changes in Version 07.0130a34
- forex logged with full symbol (EUR.USD instead of EUR)
- modified ATS code

Changes in Version 07.0130a33
- fixed wrong timestamp when in simulation mode
- fixed "fill delay" setting not memorized
- test for required files during installation

Changes in Version 07.0130a32
- updated default expiry for new installations

Changes in Version 07.0130a31
- updated to use API 9.40

Changes in Version 07.0130a30
- restored the Set # of Fill Delay option in the Trade Settings menu

Changes in Version 07.0130a29
- restored simulation fill delay
- added work-around for ZL trade reporting error from IB

Changes in Version 07.0130a28
- modifed simulated fill code

Changes in Version 07.0130a27
- fixed DOM color problem when scaling in
- added option for changing stop order trigger method
- modifed simulated fill code

Changes in Version 07.0130a26
- removed simulation fill code

Changes in Version 07.0130a25
- modified simulation fill code

Changes in Version 07.0130a24
- optional install of API 9.00 during setup
- cutoff date for log files based on GMT Time
- revised internal client ID/order ID code (for multiple instances of BT)
- added buy at bid/short at ask for ATS signals (limit order with a price of 0)

Changes in Version 07.0130a23
- updated expiry for 1st time installers

Changes in Version 07.0130a22
- fixed error with fraction based symbols (ZB, ZN, etc.)

Changes in Version 07.0130a21
- fixed simulation fill delay error
- fixed 3-exit shares division error
- fixed commissions for ZI

Changes in Version 07.0130a20
- fixed error when switching to ZB, ZN, etc.

Changes in Version 07.0130a19
- updated Z symbol equivalent in eSignal to Z M7-EEI
- updated commission rate for ZG
- added DOM high/low indicator for playbacks (based on prices from start of playback)

Changes in Version 07.0130a18
- fixed type mismatch error when switching symbols

Changes in Version 07.0130a16
- fixed overflow errors with ZB

Changes in Version 07.0130a15
- fixed DOM colors not updating correctly when trading stocks with large target or stop
- fixed DOM location "jumping back after a trade" error

Changes in Version 07.0130a14
- modified for Vista compatibility
- fixed DOM colors not updating correctly

Changes in Version 07.0130a13
- fixed DOM not updating when in sim mode (bug introduced in a12)
- removed curent time in main window title (to reduce CPU usage)

Changes in Version 07.0130a12
- fixed type mismatch error

Changes in Version 07.0130a11
- fixed maximum ticks in chase not remembered error

Changes in Version 07.0130a10
- fixed overflow errors
- added an API 8.85 release for compatibility with Ensign

Changes in Version 07.0130a9
- fixed the chase option not saved error

Changes in Version 07.0130a8
- added option to mute alerts (registered users only)
- added ability to specify scale in amount for DOM entry (based on Add 1 option, registered users only)

Changes in Version 07.0130a7
- fixed processDOM error when switching symbols

Changes in Version 07.0130a4
- added options to change or disable total bid/ask ratio
- changed bid/ask ratio alert to show bold fonts instead of a flashing red background

Changes in Version 07.0130a3
- fixed old Bid/Ask/High/Low indicators not being refreshed on time
- fixed bug when entering a buy order in DOM (simulation mode)

Changes in Version 07.0130a2
- fixed overflow and access violation bugs
- added MAE/MFE color indicator in DOM
- added total bid/ask ratio color indicator in DOM

Changes in Version 07.0130a1
- added total bid/total ask boxes in DOM
- added high/low indicator in DOM
- added Quick Close If Target Hit feature
- further revised code for handling fast market conditions

Changes in Version 07.0122a2
- modified code for market of depth handling during fast market
- added ATS for Exit only option
- added checkbox for turning ATS on/off









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