Small footprint - less screen space taken up, ideal for single-monitor setups or for notebook computers - less screen clutter means you can concentrate on your charts while trading.


Flexible window size - you choose how much information you want to show easily - less distractions while trading (all you need is a button to go long and a button to go short)


Flexible entry options - you can enter an order with just one click, or you can have complicated double breakout or double fade entries. The DOM (depth of market) window allows you to pick a price based on the number of bids and offers. You can even have a negative offset for Stop Limit entry orders.


Flexible exit options - if you are a multiple contract trader, you can scale out your positions automatically up to 3 steps, set a breakeven the way you want it and when you want it, start a trailing stop at the moment you want it, or have a "no target" for your runner. Or, if you are a more hands on trader, there is always the manual scale in and scale out.


Strategy saver -trade different strategies with different settings easily, no need for a separate window to enter your settings because the settings are saved as you tweak.


Time stop - reminds you when your trade is taking too long to reach your target.


Trade multiple symbols - with multiple simultaneous copies of BT


Continue position tracking - when connection resumes after a disconnection even for multiple copies


Automatic trade logging - logs trades automatically to a file which can be viewed directly with Excel. Data logged includes the MAE (maximum adverse excursion) and MFE (maximum favorable excursion) which will help you analyze where to set your stops and targets for a strategy. You can also have a choice of showing individual trades in a multiple scale in scale out strategy or just showing the whole completed trade as one trade.


Realistic simulator - allows you to test your strategies using live data from IB - definitely better than using the edemo.


Volume Tracker - if you like to look for big block trades, the Volume Tracker will automatically detect them and alert you when they occur.


eSignal Datafeed and Playback - you can now use eSignal as a backup datafeed in case IB feed goes down. You can also use the eSignal playback feature for practicing your trading skills even if you dont have an eSignal subscription


Features Tester - you can test the various targets, stops, trailing settings without the need for playback simulation


Chatroom Trade Poster - if you are a regular chatroom member and would like to share your trades, this feature will make it easier for you. Also, this feature is not limited to any particular chatroom.


Automatic Entry System (ATS) - you can get your trade entries from a 3rd party program, send it to TWS and let Bracket Trader manage your exits.


Bonds - ZB, ZN, ZF - shown in the in the IB TWS fractions format.








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