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Is your stop too tight?
Is your target too far?
Is your trailing strategy taking you off trades prematurely?
Taking too long testing your ideas with live data?
Want to test a multiple contract scale out strategy?

Don't want to pay an additional $$$ for 3rd Party backtesting software?
Want to place orders directly from an eSignal chart?

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BRACKET TRADER can now link to eSignal's PLAYBACK feature for simulated trading away from market hours and for "forward" testing your trading ideas automatically. You don't even need to have an account with IB to use these functions.

Advantages of using the eSignal playback -
1. You can download playback files directly from the eSignal program
2. You can get a playback file for ANY symbol
3. Playback speed from 1X to 200X, so you can shorten your testing time
4. Huge library of EFS eSignal scripts available
5. Easy to convert available EFS files for linking to Bracket Trader
6. See your trading ideas in action, not just the results

Here are the instructions:

eSignal side setup
1. download and install eSignal
2. run eSignal with any id/password
3. download the EFS files and sample playback file
4. open an Advanced Chart and add the EFS files to your chart
5. start the Tick Replay by clickng on Replay Tick File
6 . wait for the bars to show up, or reload the eSignal chart by clicking on a time interval icon in the Advanced Chart toolbar (you have to add an nterval manually)

Bracket Trader side setup
1. download and install the latest version of Bracket Trader
2. for PLAYBACK, run BT and select the symbol for the PLAYBACK symbol base (if you downloaded ES Z3 for the PLAYBACK, choose ES in BT) first, then select eSignal PLAYBACK in the Settngs/eSignal Links menu
3. for Strategy testing using the PLAYBACK, select eSignal ATS
4. to enable direct entering of orders from the eSignal chart, select eSignal BUTTONS

Post any questions about the BT-eSignal link at the eSignal forum.

About eSignal

eSignal is the leading real-time quotes service for serious traders. Most subscribers choose it above other services for its speed, reliability, accuracy and these exciting features:

* Streaming, real-time stocks, futures and options data from major North American and European exchanges
* A portfolio manager, company research, tickers, alerts, direct access trading
* Limit and news alerts sent to your email, cell and desktop
* Streaming, real-time news services, including Dow Jones and Reuters, so you can act today on news others will only read about tomorrow

* A scanning tool that combs the entire market in real time to reveal the best trading opportunities

Advantages of using eSignal over charting packages based on the free IB data feed.

* Availability of historical data "on the fly", no need to keep your computer "on" all day just to collect data

* No chance of missing ticks which could distort your technical indicators giving you false signals. Even if you connect to a backfill service, if the source of the backfill is still IB, you wont get reliable data because of dropouts for any reason.

* Wonder why institutions rely on more expensive datafeed services such as Comstock ?

* Dont be penny wise and pound foolish, get eSignal for just about 2 ES ticks per month.

Snapshot preview of BT Buttons in eSignal