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Thanks to Scott Whitney at the Yahoo TWSAPI group for getting me started on doing the program. I learned a lot from their example codes.Also, thanks to all the contributors to the Bracket Trader threads at the IB discussion forum, specially to Dan Clark, Matt Briand and Bruce Hawkins. The ATS feature is based on the generosity of Q' who provided the original textfile method of transfering data from 3rd party programs.


User takes all responsibilities for any trading losses resulting from use or misuse of this program. The author is by no means liable, express or implied from any losses incurred by the user as a result of using this program. It is the user's responsibility to be familiar with the regulations and restrictions of the exchange you are trading in to determine if the use of this software is appropriate. This program is offered as is, without any guarantees, express or implied. In short, every possible disclaimer ever disclaimed is in effect when you use this program. Downloading and using this program implies you agree to this term.


Original Bracket Trader -released initially on July 28, 2002

1.05a - Bracket Trader with just a single step exit


1.07 - Bracket Trader with 2-step exit

2 series

220a - the last of the 2 series