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TWS 904.6

Release History

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If this is your first time trying out the Interactive Brokers TWS + Bracket Trader system, go to the Getting Started page.


For details on new features, check the announcement in the forum. Guests can read all forum postings without registration. If you want to write postings, you have to sign up to the forums and enter the following VIP code in the registration form: 8888

Bracket Trader 07.0130a85 with API 9.62

TWS Monitor (updated 6/25/2009)
ATS Simulator
BT Controller (updated 1/16/2007)
Portfolio Checker
EPF Generator (updated 7/20/2005)

Changes in Version 07.0130a85
- updated commissions for TF
- added a workaround for TWS bug preventing market close of positions for TF
- modified family and friends account code
- changed DOM symbol buttons to be copy-specific

Changes in Version 07.0130a84
- updated commissions

Changes in Version 07.0130a83
- modified error handling when using ATS

Changes in Version 07.0130a82
- updated commissions for forex

Changes in Version 07.0130a81
- removed pop-up message for partial fills
- fixed 0 fill price error

Changes in Version 07.0130a80
- group strategy for stocks
- improved OCO code

Changes in Version 07.0130a79
- improved FFA code
- automatic handling of partial fills (defaults to cancelling unfilled contracts)

Changes in Version 07.0130a78
- modified OCO code for FFA accounts

Changes in Version 07.0130a77
- option to reset to generic IP of
- minor code changes to handle errors if comma is used as decimal symbol (European systems)

Changes in Version 07.0130a76
- automatic detection of local IP address for connection to TWS in the same computer (needed for TWS in Netherands, etc.)

Changes in Version 07.0130a75
- modified Reset and OCO code

Changes in Version 07.0130a74
- modified Close All to use market close

Changes in Version 07.0130a73
- updated ZB format to 1/32's

Changes in Version 07.0130a72
- added warning when TWS sends back a fill report with wrong client ID
- fixed delayed stop not stopping out at monitored stop price

Changes in Version 07.0130a71
- fixed trailing mismatch error when trading ZB, ZN, ZF

Changes in Version 07.0130a70
- market depth for forex modified to hide last 3 zeros (divided by 1000)