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A good frontend in only one part of the armamentarium in your journey to trading successfully. No sleek frontend alone will make you a successful trader. You also need discipline and a good system. Here are some resources which may help you on your way to becoming a successful trader.


Interactive Brokers - who else? If you have not used IB before and you want to use the data for the simulator or charting programs, you can open an account with $2000 and pay $10/month for market data. Nothing beats live data for simulation.

Charting which uses IB data

SierraCharts - uses IB data for charting, now with ATS connection to Bracket Trader !

Medved QuoteTracker - free, ad-sponsored

Metaserver RT - channels IB data to Tradestation, free for 2 symbols.

Hyperserver - a Metaserver alternative

Trading systems - take your pick

Eminimethods - Emini trading system

Price and Time Target - method used by author JR Stevenson for more than 30 years

Puretick.com - Proven Live Trading Calls with actual track records posted!

Gene's Bands - 4 pts per day

Woodie's CCI Club - "Better trades down the road, guaranteed"

Basic Setup for Woodies CCI.

Racer's Trading Page - one trader's experience with the Woodie's CCI

Bollinger on Bollinger Bands

The Trading Zone - not strictly a system but a way of looking at markets

TradingForesight.com - take advantage of the beta trial !

Charting Service

eSignal - eSignal is the leading real-time quotes service for serious traders. Most subscribers choose it above other services for its speed, reliability, accuracy. Find out how Bracket Trader links to eSignal by clickng on the link.

ENSIGN - Experience the power of superior investment Software!

Books (Click here for more recommended reading)

Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas - check out the 3-step system as described in page 189 in the section "Learning To Trade An Edge Like A Casino"

Maximum Adverse Excursion by John Sweeney - discusses the MAE and MFE in detail

Street Smarts by Laurence Connors and Linda Bradford Raschke - "All you need is one pattern to make a living!"

General Tools

avast! - free antivirus

Zone Alarm - free firewall

SpyBot - free trojan detector and remover

Excel Viewer - for those without Excel

Winzip -unzips files, you get the evaluation version but you can evaluate it indefinitely

Outlook-Express-Backup.Com - download a handy utility to backup your Outlook Express emails and settings. 

3rd party software Automatic Trading Systems (ATS) - if you want something other than the textfile transfer method

Dynaorder - links with Tradestation, Wealth-Lab, Amibroker, Neoticker, eSignal

Tradebolt - links with Tradestation

Another Frontend

AutoTrader - another TWS frontend written by my brother Jerry