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Quote from a customer:

“Great program. I've used BT, NT, ZLT but have come back to, and settled on, Bracket Trader.”

Doug A.

July 29, 2005





Introducing the new Bracket Trader, still the simplest, easiest and fastest way to manage your IB trades.

Bracket Trader is a powerful API (application programming interface) frontend to control IB's Trader Workstation (TWS). Exit orders are automatically sent the moment a trade entry is filled. The exit is sent as a pair of OCA (one cancels all) orders, with one on the profit side, and one on the stoploss side. That's why it's called the Bracket Trader. The program just duplicates what you do manually to manage your trades but does it faster and error-free. BracketTrader eliminates human "mechanical" errors in your trading.