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  Current Versions

Java 1.60

TWS 904.6

API 9.62

BT 07.0130a85

Demo Video

Win7 Home Premium 64-bit installation

Getting started with Bracket Trader + IB TWS

1. Install or upgrade your Java - click on the Free Java Download button in the Java website (It is recommended by IB to remove anything with Java in your computer first.)

2. Download and install the Trader Workstation

3. Download and install Bracket Trader

4. Run TWS (you can use username=edemo/password=demouser for testing if you still haven't opened an account with IB yet), go to the Configure menu, select API, check the "Enable ActiveX and SocketClients" option.

5. Run Bracket Trader and click Yes when the TWS asks if you want to allow the connection. Price quotes should show up in Bracket Trader if the connection is successful.

6. Check out the Help file by clicking F1. There is also a pdf version of the help file under the Start menu in Windows.