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Release 2022r02 – fixed “not supported” issue causing orders not to be sent when using updated version of TWS – if you have not updated to 2022r01 before, click Tools, Reset to Deafult Symbols to update to the new IB exchanges … Continue reading

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New Update

Download the BT update replacing GLOBEX with CME and ECBOT with CBOT – Latest IB Release Notes –

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Orders not sent out to TWS

This happens if your TWS auto-updated to the latest version which breaks Bracket Trader. Download and intall the stable version to solve the problem –

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How to add the MNQ symbol

Here’s a video on how to add the MNQ symbol in BT –

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Here is a video on the steps in installing BT in Windows 10.

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MYM settings

Here are the settings for MYM Live data for MYM in BT – ADDITIONAL NOTES: – expiry as of today is 201909 – make sure you are subscribed to the futures data, if in doubt, right click on the symbol … Continue reading

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Micro E-minis, micro minis, MES – how to setup

Today is an exciting day for active futures day traders. Today is when traders can start trading the Micro E-minis, micro-minis, or MES, which is similar to ES but only 1/10 of the value, and therefore the cost. You won’t … Continue reading

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Update TF parameters

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Adding CAD futures

The procedure for adding CAD futures is the same as for adding any other symbols. The first thing to do is right click the symbol in TWS , then select “Contract Info”, “Description”. From the table – Product = Symbol, … Continue reading

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Set up BT to always “Run as Admin” in Windows 10

Windows 10 will not “remember” the keys and settings for your BT unless BT is “Run as Admin”. To set BT to always “Run as Admin”, do the following steps – Step 1: Open the Start menu and click All … Continue reading

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