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Micro E-minis, micro minis, MES – how to setup

Today is an exciting day for active futures day traders. Today is when traders can start trading the Micro E-minis, micro-minis, or MES, which is similar to ES but only 1/10 of the value, and therefore the cost. You won’t … Continue reading

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Version 2015r01 released – uses API 9.71

BT is updated to use the current API 9.71. No bugs since the last release. You can get the new version here – You need to update your API to 9.71. As always with IB, the 9.71 is not … Continue reading

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Additional options for SAR traders

The purpose of enabling a stop and reverse (SAR) function is because you believe that if your initial trade direction is wrong, the market will go in the opposite direction, and you want to catch the opposite move. When you … Continue reading

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a90 released

updated TF commissions to $2 per side added BID and ASK parameters to the ATS signals format

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a89 released

a88 was released last week with the main change in the appearance of the DOM – the boxes are “snapped” into the DOM window in full (no half boxes) a89 fixed the problem of the DOM reverting to a fixed … Continue reading

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a87 released

This release fixes the connection problem with the new TWS  (Build 907.7 – released Aug 2, 2010) You can get it here. IB made a minor change in the new TWS, breaking BT’s connection to TWS.

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Bracket Trader changes

Beginning September 1, 2010, registration of BT will be on an annual basis. No more lifetime free upgrades for just $100.  If you have been using the unregistered version of BT for sometime, this is a good time to avail … Continue reading

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a86 released

This is just a maintenance release.  No major issues since the last release 3 months ago. Too many  minor adjustments in the code to mention, nothing new, but should be more stable.

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