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MYM settings

Here are the settings for MYM Live data for MYM in BT – ADDITIONAL NOTES: – expiry as of today is 201909 – make sure you are subscribed to the futures data, if in doubt, right click on the symbol … Continue reading

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Set up BT to always “Run as Admin” in Windows 10

Windows 10 will not “remember” the keys and settings for your BT unless BT is “Run as Admin”. To set BT to always “Run as Admin”, do the following steps – Step 1: Open the Start menu and click All … Continue reading

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Suddenly not getting data in my BT today…

Did a little digging and found this notice from IB –

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Always check TWS while trading live

2 issues which you have to be aware of when you are using BT 1. cancelling an order when it is filled at IB but before BT receives the cancel message. BT won’t know that the order is filled because … Continue reading

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Orders not being transmitted.

When you are installing TWS, you will be asked if you want to bypass the precautions for orders. You should answer yes. If you answered no, your orders will not be transmitted. You can still fix this by going to … Continue reading

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Bracket Trader has stopped working…

If you encounter this message while running BT, it could be one of 2 problems. The first one is the DEP problem – discussed here – so I won’t discuss it anymore. The second problem is the presence of old … Continue reading

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Another possible problem with European users

If you are getting a type mismatch error when you run BT, you might try changing your decimal point to period instead of comma. In Windows – go to Control Panel – go to Clock, Language, Region – go to … Continue reading

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Reset to Default Symbols to get data using new symbol format

The latest API requires the currency information to be able to process the symbols. Previous versions of BT just leave out the currency information. With the new API, if the currency information is blank, it defaults automatically to USD, which … Continue reading

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When in doubt…

We have an order in place according to plan. Market makes a big sudden move, then we chicken out and pull out the order. Our reasoning is that there will be many more trades down the road when there is … Continue reading

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Why it’s so hard to trade your plan (or what’s missing in your trading plan)…

You have a trading plan in place. You have rules for your entry. You set BT to manage your trade – # of contracts, # of exits, trailing, BE, SAR, time stops, etc. Market opens, you see your setup, you … Continue reading

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