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Suddenly not getting data in my BT today…

Did a little digging and found this notice from IB –

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Always check TWS while trading live

2 issues which you have to be aware of when you are using BT 1. cancelling an order when it is filled at IB but before BT receives the cancel message. BT won’t know that the order is filled because … Continue reading

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Version 2015r01 released – uses API 9.71

BT is updated to use the current API 9.71. No bugs since the last release. You can get the new version here – You need to update your API to 9.71. As always with IB, the 9.71 is not … Continue reading

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Really COMPLETE uninstallation of API

If you accidentally installed the 9.71 or 9.72 API in your system, you’ll find out that it breaks BT. And you can’t go back to the 9.70 API no matter how many times you uninstall and reinstall the API’s. Here … Continue reading

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If you have problems with Java and TWS…

check out this link from IB –

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Installation video uploaded

This video shows Bracket Trader installation on a fresh copy of Windows 7 (no other programs installed).

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How to enter the symbol for CL

The procedure is the same as described in the original HowTo article –

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Installing TWS

“Official” way of installing TWS (Thanks to Lowell C. for this info)

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FYI: Notice from IB

To: All Third-party vendors that connect to IB TWS via the API As you are most likely already aware, CME is changing their market data fee structure which will dramatically increase market data fees for “black-box” users of market data. … Continue reading

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TWS upgrade

If you are still using an old version of TWS, you need to upgrade to version 940 or above to use the API. You can download the upgrade directly from the IB website or you can get a stable upgrade … Continue reading

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