BT for ATS tips

If you are using BT for ATS trading, you might consider placing the signal file in a ram disk –

1. processing is faster than disk write/read

2. prolongs hard disk life by reducing frequent write/reads

3. signals not needed once read  by BT so no need for permanent storage

You might also delete the signal file first before appending the signal to reduce BT processing time.

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2 Responses to BT for ATS tips

  1. Martin Thériault says:


    When should it be erased?
    Is there a flag to tell that the file as been read by Bracket Trader?

    – Look for a flag to tell that the file as been read
    – Erase the file

    Will it be
    For a new order to be send:
    1- Erase the file
    2-Create a new one with the order

    • larrysy says:

      Erase the file before creating a new one.

      Or you can do the “house cleaning” manually before every trading day.

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