Set up BT to always “Run as Admin” in Windows 10

Windows 10 will not “remember” the keys and settings for your BT unless BT is “Run as Admin”.

To set BT to always “Run as Admin”, do the following steps –
Step 1: Open the Start menu and click All apps. Find “Bracket Trader” and right-click on the shortcut. In the pop-up menu, click Open file location.
Step 2: A File Explorer window will open to the location of the program you want to access. Right-click on the program and click Properties from the pop-up menu.
Step 3: In the Properties window, click the Shortcut tab and then click Advanced…
Step 4: In the Advanced Properties window, check the box next to Run as administrator and click OK.
Step 5: The program will now open in administrator mode when you click the shortcut from the Start menu.

Beware – there might be a pop-up every time you run BT asking if you want to allow BT to make changes – just answer “yes”. This will allow any changes you made in the settings to be “remembered”.

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  1. clyde simpson says:

    Hi Larry
    I have enabled .
    “check the “Enable ActiveX and SocketClients” option” applied and saved.

    However, it just sits there saying trying to connect to Meanwhile TWS is pulling data gal9ore. I uses win 7 X64; latest Java and the other updates you suggested.
    Kind regards

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